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Let's make a Picture Logic puzzle!
Please read and follow contribution rules of "Making Picture Logic" when you make a puzzle.
Have fun!

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Contribution rules of "Making Picture Logic"

  • We cannot place all puzzles that you will make. Administrators (TONAKAI or JELLYFISH) check it.
  • When we post new puzzles, we post one "Basic" and one "Colorful" at the same time.
    We like to post the puzzles on the website as soon as possible.
    If there are many submitted puzzles, we may choose more entertaining ones first.
    Therefore, even if your submitted puzzle follows all the rules, it may not be placed right away.
  • Please submit puzzles you make originally.
    Don't submit plagiarize.
  • Don't submit Disney characters.
  • Example of the puzzles that we cannot place
    1. Contains two or more correct patterns
    2. Composed of only letters without picture
    3. Too easy
    4. Contains hate speech to someone
    5. Contains violation of public order and morality
    6. Plagiarism
    7. Too hard
    8. Composed of things that too few people know
    9. Composed of ambiguous picture
    10. Contains something inappropriate
  • We may modify the hint, the answer and the colors you submitted.
  • Please do the "Test play" before submitting your puzzle, so you know that your puzzle is solvable and is not too easy or too difficult.
  • This service is free of charge.
  • According to circumstances of the administration, we may end this service without any notice.
  • We may change contribution rules to smooth administration more.
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