Picture Logic


How to play Picture Logic

How to play Picture Logic "Basic" and "Colorful"

There are only two rules to solve Picture Logic.

  1. See the numbers in the outside boxes, and paint the same number of the inside boxes. The painted boxes have to be next to each other.
  2. If there are more than two numbers in a line, you should paint the same numbers of the inside boxes, but there must be at least one blank box between the painted boxes.
  3. In "Colorful" version, two differently colored numbers may or may not have a space in between them.

Well, I guess the written rules would not be easy to understand, so, let's try an easy exercise!

1 The rule of the right for Picture Logic is to start with the biggest number.
In the left exercise, it should be "5".
Let's figure out the "5" in the lowest rank.
2 The lowest rank, it says "5".
There are only five boxes in the rank, so, let's paint them all!

Then the next upper rank, it says "1" and "1". Well, can't be figure out ...let's see one more upper rank.
The middle rank, it says "3" only.
But there are only five boxes in each rank so that one box must be painted no matter you would start painting from the lest or from the right.
3 Yes, it's the box in the middle.
Paint this box tentatively.

Then the next upper rank, it says "0".
Means, no box should be painted in this rank.
4 Let's mark the not-painted boxes with crosses. How to mark a cross? Click a box to paint, then click the painted box once more time, and you can mark it with a cross.

Then, the uppermost rank, three "1"s.
It means three "1"s and two blanks, so, at least five boxes are necessary.
And, in this exercise, there are five boxes in each line.
5 That's right! This rank has to be filled like the left picture.

Next, let's figure out files from the left.
Look! It says two "1"s and two boxes have been painted already.
6 So, you can mark the blank boxes with crosses.

Then, the second file from the left. "3" Only.
Two blank boxes are left from the next to the painted box in the lowest.
7 Paint the two left boxes. Although there are only two boxes are left in this exercise, you can figure out by on other way. The painted boxes should be next to each other so that the three boxes should be continuously painted from the lowest box, which has been painted already.

And then, how about the middle file?
Three "1"s. Oh! It's done!
8 To make sure, let's mark the blank boxes with crosses.

Then, the second file from the right.
Oh! This is exactly same as the second file from the left!!
9 Paint the left two boxes, and then...
10 Completed!

How was it!? Not such difficult is it !?
For beginners, it would be easier to start with some smaller puzzles!
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