How to play

This is a shooter game without shooting bullets, only with mouse control.
You can capture your enemies by the tug-wire, which is attached to your boat and is your only defense, and keep going with cutting down the enemies!

How to attack

By hitting the tug-wire on the enemies you can give some damage to them. The tug-wire is invincible against small-fish enemies and ordinary shots!
Nevertheless, you need to be careful to laser beams, which you cannot defend.
The tug-wire has a beam-attracter on the pointed end, and you can capture a particular enemy. Then you can attack other enemies with waving and hitting the captured one on them.

When a captured enemy explodes, EMP is generated and it causes damage to other enemies over a wide area.

Other systems

This game has only one stage. When you beat the boss, it's clear!
But you can play extra round from 2 to 5 only for score attack. It is the same story and different difficulty levels.
Your boat will increase one by one at every 5000 and 10000 points you have got, and after that, it will increase at every 100000 points.
You can pose the game by a single mouse click and return it by one more click.
You can change the picture level with "Quality" in the bottom right corner of the game window: it appears when the game is posed. We have set up the default to the 2nd, considering a heavy data file.

Other notes/instructions

  • When a mouse pointer is out of the game screen, you cannot control your boat.
  • Actions could be slow, due to your machine specification.
  • We found the actions are faster by Firefox than by IE6. Please try Firefox if you are using IE browser and feel the movements are slow.
  • You would enjoy playing much more, with bigger volume of sound, or with headphones.
  • Also, we would appreciate it if you could send us your opinions or impressions by E-mail.

About score ranking

This game has a score ranking function.
When you choose "RANKING" from the top menu, the screen will change to the ranking one.
Only one score can be registered for one player. (To be exact, one for each computer accounts) When you resister a higher score, a lower one is deleted.
Resister names must be consists only with Alphabets, numbers or those combinations.
Additionally, please understand that the ranking will be deleted sometimes, due to a system trouble or some other reasons.

Character introduction

Orbit tugboat "type-WWS" (Wriggly-Wavy-Stuzzy)

Usually this has been pulling large space ships on planet orbits.
This doesn't have any attack functions however, this cut down enemies with a beam-attracter and a tug-wire, which is made by super strong combined carbon fibers.

Power up item

When you get this, you can extend the tug-wire for three levels.
So, you can capture the enemies easier by the longer tug-wire.
After the third level, you will get a bonus point when you get this.


This is not just being turning round and round.
Beat this more and more, and power up items will be appeared much more.
Sometimes, they likely form a line on a particular orbit on some occasions.

"Tanqua" (capturable)

This one is durable and shots bullets for eight directions.
But after capturing, this would turn to be your advantage. You can wave this and hit on other enemies.
In later extra round, this will start another way of attack.

"Lacrys" (capturable)

This is also durable and shots laser beams.
You can capture this, too. Wave this and hit on others.


Approaches in high speed and shots bullets.
Even small-fish enemies though, they are troublesome when they come all at once.


Always wandering and scatters bullets for sixteen directions.
Seems more durable than other small-fish enemies but not be capturable.
You must be careful if this comes closer when you are fighting with others.


This is just a small-fish enemy.
However, sometimes this shots bullets in an exquisite and awful timing.
Also, this likely has a habit to move in a large group in some occasions.
When you meet the moving, it is troublesome. You should sweep them away by EMP.


When orbit tugboat WWS-DELTA2 was on a regular duty, they got an emergency call from H.Q.
It said that somebody unidentified had sent rescue signals from point N-6425.
Under the military regulations, a rescue mission was given to WWS-DELTA2, as it was the nearest and was thought to be able to reach fastest to the actual point.
However, there was unknown existence, which was recognized as enemy later, waiting it in its way.
WWW-DELTA2, without any attack function but only with a tug-wire and a beam attracter for its regular duties, hurried to point N-6425, with whipping the tug-wire around and cutting down enemies.
*This is a side story of our escape game "OUT" series.

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