Escape GameF"Out2" out of file (English version)

How to play

  • This is an escape game. The goal is to get out to the ground.
  • Click any places in the screen and you'll find hidden items or riddles.
  • When you feel your PC is too slow in action, pls try the following.
    Move a mouse cursor to any point around a right-below area during your play.
    Then, "QUALITY" will be appeared in the display.
    Click it, and you can change the picture quality of your PC screen.
  • It is NOT an absolute condition to be able to listen sounds during your play, but it would be an advantage for you to listen sounds at some points.
  • When you get an item, it will be indicated on the right in the screen.
    Click once: selected (back-ground color will be changed)
    Click once again: canceled
  • You can see the item description, with "item info" button, when you select the item.
  • You can't operate switches or other items when you have selected Item.
  • You might lose your life, I mean a game over, if you read riddles wrongly.
    When you lost your life, you can restart this game, from just before the point when you lost your life, only two times.
  • I'm so pleased if you could send me your impressions or opinion by mail.
    Although I wouldn't be able to reply to you as I'm not good at English. (My friend translated these writings)


  • Pls do not directly link to swf file.

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